Wow! your children’s books are fantastic!”                            “They are superb writers.”

“Look at the presentation – it’s so neat and you must be very proud of your children.”     “Their vocabulary is amazing.”


Here at Biddick Primary and Nursery School, we aim to help children to develop a love for language through the spoken and written word.


We aim to develop pupils’ abilities within an exciting curriculum of Speaking and Listening, Reading & Writing and provide them with the opportunities to apply and reinforce their literacy skills in English lessons and across other curricular areas. Through our English Curriculum, we aim to give our children lifelong communication skills. They will learn to become: confident speakers, who can express themselves and communicate with others effectively; enthusiastic readers, who read a range of texts for pleasure and for information and skilful writers, who can write in a range of styles appropriate to the audience and purpose.


We encourage our children to develop their speaking and listening skills in a  range of contexts across the curriculum through opportunities for paired, group  and class discussion as well as storytelling and drama. Early reading is taught mainly through the Read Write Inc  phonics programme, alongside a variety of activities and experiences, aimed at fostering a love of books and reading. As children progress in their decoding skills, there is more emphasis upon independent language comprehension. Throughout school, children are encouraged to become independent writers and to transfer the skills acquired in speaking, listening and reading to their writing. Wherever possible, we use creative techniques and approaches to inspire writing and provide children with real purposes to write. Specific skills, such as handwriting, spelling, punctuation and grammar are directly taught and applied through written work.


Please use your child's year group page to find out what they are learning about each half term.

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