Pupil Power


Our Aims

To support worthwhile causes.

To improve our school in any way we can.

To continue to raise awareness about children's

rights across the world and to help ensure

all children have their rights met.


What we have done so far:

Christmas Jumper day - we raised £223.41

Children In Need - we raised £350.70


What we hope to do next:

Raise money for "Day for Change"

Cntinue to sponsor Baboo's education (see below)

Monitor the new playground equipment to ensure it is played with properly

Write a child friendly Anti- Bullying Policy and a child friendly Behaviour Policy


Meet Baboo! 



We have raised the money to sponsor a child via Actionaid.

The child we have sponsored is a young boy called Baboo Singh.

He was born in 2005, which means he is the same  age as children in Y5.


Baboo lives in a place called Chachro in Pakistan, which is one of the worst affected areas in terms of quality and access

to clean drinking water. Where he lives the water is brackish with high arsenic and fluoride levels, which spread diseases.

Baboo’s family speak Dhattki and the religion they respect is Hinduism. His father is a farmer and his mother is finding it

hard to get a job, like most women in the area. Currently he is at a local  pre-school but only 60% of boys

and less than 30% of girls go to school where he lives.


Baboo would love to hear from the children in our school, so start writing your letters now

and hand them to any member of Pupil Power.


PUPIL POWER information for parents:






  Further details of future events will follow.

Thank you from all in Pupil Power.