Times Tables

Not knowing their multiplication tables can really slow children's mathematical progress. Everyone knows it's all about practice, but

this can be boring. There are a range of great CDs, board games, apps & books available which can help your children learn their

tables, such as Moon Maths. Try it by clicking the link below. BE WARNED- you'll want headphones for this one!




At Biddick Primary and Nursery School children take part in the Time4Tables Challenge. Your child will come home with a

certificate when they achieve Gold at each stage.Your child's teacher will be able to tell you which tables they are currently working 

on. Print off a copy of the Time4Tables_Challenge_Card.pdf here to use at home.



The documents below contain lists of targets which parents can help their children reach. The targets show the things children should be able to do by the end of Y1-6. Separate information for children in the Foundation Stage can be found via their class page.

Year 1 Targets

Year 2 Targets

Year 3 Targets

Year 4 Targets

Year 5 Targets

Year 6 Targets


Online Maths Activities


The websites below should help your child on their way to becoming a maths Brain Box!






A link to the fantastic Woodlands Maths Zone, with a host of engaging & challenging maths games for children in REC-Y6.







A fun site full of games and activities for Years 3 to 6, with a section for children and parents!


This site has some excellent games to help REC-Y1 practice  their Numeracy skills.


This site contains lots of information and online challenges for children from Reception to Year 6. This is a free trial area of a

subscription site.