At BPNS our aim is to allow children to use their natural curiosity by encouraging an investigative approach towards science. Through the study of science they will develop their skills and knowledge of the world around them and will have the opportunity to question, predict, investigate, observe and draw conclusions. We teach science in discrete lessons and as part of our topic based creative curriculum.


By teaching science this way we aim to provide our children with scientific knowledge, skills, vocabulary and the opportunity to investigate their ideas, whilst allowing science to act as a vehicle to enhance children’s key skills in communication, application of number, ICT and Problem solving.


Science in the Foundation Stage is very practical and children are encouraged from an early age to explore their environment both indoors and outside in the garden.


From Year 1 onwards children are shown how to record their investigations formally using specific headings.


Please use your child's year group page to find out what they are learning about each half term.