Welcome to Year 6 


In Spring Term:- 

Year Six will be exploring how we are..


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 To view a copy of the Year 6 topic web, click the link below:

Y6 Extreme Earth.

It summarises the learning that will take place in each subject , linked to the overall theme.





Throughout the year children will continue to study spelling strategies, rules and patterns in lessons, as well as

learning the key vocabulary expected for their year group, using the No Nonsense scheme.

These will be reviewed periodically in class, rather than through weekly testing, to ensure

children retain them over a longer period of time.


In Y6, we encourage children to become more independent spellers and to develop strategies of their own to

improve their accuracy when writing. Each child has access to a laminated 'Have a Go' mat, as well

as class dictionaries and curriculum spelling lists.


The following is the statutory list of words that children are expected to know by the end of Key Stage Two:




It is vital that children in Y6 continue reading as much as possible, as regular independent reading will help your child to progress across all curricular areas.  Children in Year 6 will continue to take part in daily 'Drop Everything and Read' (DEaR) workshops, Guided Reading with an adult and quiz on books they have read as part of the Accelerated Reader scheme.


Unsure which books are appropriate for your child? The 'Words for Life' site lists some good recommendations for appropriate Year 6 texts. Click on this link: Age 7 - 11  to see a summary. Use Accelerated Reader's Bookfinder site to search for texts within your child's ZPD. If you have any questions regarding your child's reading level, or need advice on how to further support them at home, please don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher.




Homework is given out on a Tuesday, to be completed and returned by the following Monday. 

Each week there will be two tasks to complete; one English or topic task and one Maths. 

All homework should be completed in either pencil or blue biro and to class standard.

Class Dojo points are awarded for effort with homework, particularly super presentation!

 Children are expected to take responsibility for their homework books and ensure they hand in all tasks on time.

In KS2 If homework is not completed on time,  or to standard, then your child will complete it during play time. 



Rights and Respect

We have been discussing which United Nations 

RIGHTS we feel are the most important for children across

the globe and how we can make sure they happen for everyone.


Our RRSA display, designed by the children,

will soon be up in the classroom for all to see.


  Please ask your child about how RIGHTS and RESPECT

are promoted at Biddick Primary School.



Every child in Y6 has a class Dojo - a little character who can collect and lose points depending on how hard they

have worked and how well they have behaved. You can track your child's Dojo points by downloading the app and

registering to your child's class. It is very useful to send the teachers a little message or reminder too! 









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Check out a few of our Party Pics from our Christmas Party



Well done to Mrs Booth's class for getting the highest attendance last half term- as a special treat they had a "Tech, Toy, Den Party".